I will myself

Birgit Huttemann-Holz


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I will myself

I am touched by glorious landscapes, the close ups the long views. They teach me, there is a chance of non-separation, to be completed and humbled, to experience genesis and rebirth. To stumble upon an exterior landscape that mirrors my interior wilderness that I bring along with me, alluring and alarming. It is here in the recitation of the surrounding landscape, that the painting paints itself. The line becomes a tree, a shadow, a flower stem, and the again nothing, just ground for more to come. The abstraction allows new insight, a dance for evolution, awareness just beyond the visible, with no recollection of how it became: One Body of Wilderness.

36"H × 36"W × 1.5"D
acrylic&mixed media


Deeply inspired by the beauty of flowers and landscapes, I push my subject to a place of gestural abstraction. Sweeping gestures are heightened by bold saturated tones. The process of mark making, color choice, and composition happens mostly subconsciously. It matures to a gestural dance revealing my utmost authentic voice; a dreamlike reconfiguration of emotional meanings. The resulting work is vibrant, complex and meant to make intimate connections with the audience, invoking both my vision and feeling of a world where beauty and vulnerability are the touching keystones. Detroit, 2020

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