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I Think We Are Hidden

Gabbi Fossano


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I Think We Are Hidden

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Through drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation, the content of this body of work is concerned with collecting subconscious early childhood memories through photographs, studying them, and recreating a new memory from the old. I am playing with how my brain depicts imagery and its ability to hold and remember parts of the photographs I am studying. I find comfort in piecing together fragments of distant memories to create a new composition and conversation through paintings. Through mark making I hope to honor stories and family history to come to some sort of conclusion or new way of carrying memory. I am interested in reconstructing and reconceptualizing memory through my current mind and eyes, hoping it brings a sense of familiarity and comfort to the viewers.

36"H × 24"W × 0.5"D
Oil on canvas


Through drawing and painting, the content of my work is focused on capturing private, intimate moments of ordinary life in domestic and interior environments while exploring themes of identity, femininity, vulnerability, and beauty. I have an ongoing body of work surrounding my body in relation to its environment. Protection and conservation go hand in hand, and I attempt to embrace the delicacy and intimacy of moments shared with myself, alone in my apartment. I am creating this body of work through a feminine, vulnerable lens, letting the male gaze and historical aspects of the female nude subject support without taking over the work. I form ideas around what it means to romanticize the unseen through a personal, individual and generational experience as a female presenting person. I question what it means to find shelter and protect the body — spiritually and physically — and to expose the comfort barrier and shell of a private, domestic space. I question what it means to find shelter and protect the body while exposing the barrier and shell of a private, domestic space. I allow mark making and the language of oil painting to slowly turn into an intimate way of storytelling.

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