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I see you

Marco Sbrocca


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I see you

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I wanted the figure to be just as close as I could get to “human-esque” as possible without being human. The warm reddish shadows with the creamy beige of the skin tone, the proportionally drawn face and a smile all hint at a person. I wanted the viewer, as myself, to feel as though they’re being looked at in a way.

12"H × 12"W × 0.75"D
Oil on Panel


Personally, I’m not a fan of giving every single last detail about why I do what I do and for what reason in every single last painting so I’ll keep it short (for you, not for me - I could talk all day about this). But with that being said, what I’m most concerned with when building a painting is the emotion it can summon up from the viewer. Building a beautiful painting is like building a beautiful house, everything needs to be calculated and studied. From color to anatomy to composition everything needs to have been thought about and played with. While creating disorder is like watching it slowly decay, making it worse, tearing it down, throwing what the masters learned and turning it on its head. You can’t appreciate one without the other. Everything beautiful needs to accompanied by dread and vice versa. Allowing something a little different into our worlds could never be a bad thing. I think a little more of that would do everyone some good.

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