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I just can’t make it alone

Troy Ramos


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I just can’t make it alone

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"I Just Can't Make It Alone" is a poignant abstract painting that blends repetition, color, and geometry, evoking a sense of interconnected complexity. At the heart of the composition, three repeated shapes in varying colors—green, red, and black—overlap, creating a central focal point that draws the viewer into a mesmerizing dance of hues. Geometrical lines crisscross under and through the artwork, with the most prominent being a bold black line extending to the bottom and connecting to a black rectangle. This vertical element adds a sense of structure and direction, anchoring the dynamic interplay of shapes and colors. Towards the bottom, a thick circular red spray-paint mark with a curling tail towards the center introduces a touch of spontaneity and movement. In the center, an abstract black rectangular-like shape contributes to the overall composition, hinting at both order and abstraction. The top right corner features two nearly identical squiggly lines, adding a whimsical and playful element to the piece. On the top left, a very large black spray-painted circular mark dominates, juxtaposing boldness with intricacy. "I Just Can't Make It Alone" exudes a sense of emotional depth, with its abstract portrait-like qualities inviting viewers to navigate the delicate balance between solitude and interconnectedness. The artwork invites contemplation, offering a visual narrative that transcends the boundaries of both abstraction and portraiture.

14"H × 11"W × 0.01"D
Acrylic, spray paint, pencil and mixed materials on acid-free, archival paper


'My religion is to trust myself'. My process involves creating art quickly to produce works which represent a particular moment in time. Years of study and experimentation have made significant contributions to my work. But simply trusting my instincts has encouraged more interesting results and has allowed me to avoid difficulties related to paralysis by analysis. There is often an appropriate amount of breathing between various aspects, layers or gestures within each work. But those breaths are also within the same period of time and space, so each new element still feels and looks like it emanated from materials which came before it.

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