I can’t change my mold..

Troy Ramos


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I can always tell when I’ve made a painting in the winter because quite often the colors I use are brighter and happier. The bright pinks , lights blues and greens help make this painting more radiant. And the spacing between the gestures make it organized yet relaxed at the same time. I created this work at a darker time in winter, thinking about warmer places and more relaxing atmospheres. I also experimented with a few new things, for example, the smattering of markings in the top left, just above the main body. It gives it a life-like appendage while still functioning like the more circular gestures at the bottom left and the right side, inside the pink circle. But, in general, I think this piece is a vivid reflection of a strong desire to be in a warmer place, like a calling to go somewhere sunnier and warmer.

14"H × 11"W × 0.125"D
Mixed Media
Spray Paint, Acrylic & Mixed Materials on High Quality Fine Art, Acid-Free Paper


'My religion is to trust myself'. My process involves creating art quickly to produce works which represent a particular moment in time. Years of study and experimentation have made significant contributions to my work. But simply trusting my instincts has encouraged more interesting results and has allowed me to avoid difficulties related to paralysis by analysis. There is often an appropriate amount of breathing between various aspects, layers or gestures within each work. But those breaths are also within the same period of time and space, so each new element still feels and looks like it emanated from materials which came before it.

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