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He, She, and Teddy Makes Three

Thomas Rosenbaum


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This post-expressionistic primitive work was inspired by street artists and the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat. It is a large format painting and one in a series of six paintings, employing mixed media and my imagination. I used spray paints to mimic the street artists who have adorned public places for years, many as outlaws. I wanted this painting to have a whimsical theme while the faces can also be quite scary, while Teddy is welcoming. The variety of sizes of the images give a sense of perspective and an eerie feeling to this work. I completed this series in my studio, before the pandemic, when I was set up to create larger paintings. I now have a home studio with size restrictions imposed on my work. Prints available through:

48"H × 36"W × 2"D
Mixed Media
Mixed Media: Acrylic, markers, spray paints, charcoal on gallery wrapped canvas.


I am mainly a self taught artist who paints in many mediums and in a variety of styles. I have a large body of work including abstract and impressionistic. I am a colorist with love of abstract and color field paintings. Recently I have focused on landscape tonality paintings in oil and various other media. I love to paint and paint what I love. I believe art is powerful and can change one's life and the world.

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