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Doily for Olga

Leah Korican


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Doily for Olga

This large cutout was inspired by generations of women’s handwork and the beautiful, meditative quality of that work. The piece stands away from the wall creating varied light and shadow effects.

42"H × 42"W × 2"D
acrylic and cutouts on graphic film


My work is made with cut-outs and acrylic on a variety of sturdy and lightweight surfaces including tyvek paper and polyester film. I am interested in imagery that is complex and that contains repeating variations. The subject matter I have explored has included braids, doilies, eddies, and murmurations, among other repeated forms that are drawn on intricately cut out backgrounds. The cutouts interact with the architectural elements and create optical effects through cast shadows and the interplay of the surfaces. The work creates a luminous, meditative space in which the viewer can wander and find wonder.

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