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Cut twist paint tuck #4

Shelley Heffler


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Cut twist paint tuck #4

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Remnants of paintings, found material and vinyl banner advertisements are torn, cut, painted and twisted, leads directly to the production of new work. In this way, process is sometimes the impetus for making the work. I am interested in the fragments of human imprint as the mark of connection between nature and humanity.

20"H × 20"W × 3"D
Mixed Media
repurposed billboard vinyl, metal, netting, acrylic on canvas
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My work speaks as both painting and sculpture. Trash and consumerism, a by- product of man’s mark on the environment, is destroying our environment. I salvage vinyl street banners before they are discarded in landfills and use the words, colors and imagery, as a powerful starting point in my process. I cut, slash, crunch, and weave the vinyl into three-dimensional objects. Through the action of deconstructing, I attempt to restructure and form material to reclaim and restore a healing presence through the work.

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