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Composition # 112

Diego Sanchez


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Composition # 112

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Composition #112 is a transitional piece that shows my love for developing subtle interesting surfaces and my love for color. I often use a vinal French water-soluble highly saturated paint called Flashé. This painting reminds me of a board game, a good sample of my whimsical painting approach.

18"H × 24"W × 1.5"D
Mixed Media
Flashe on wood panel


Over the past years, my artistic journey has undergone a gradual transformation. This evolution has been fueled by my unwavering passion for painting and my commitment to experimentation with new materials and techniques. Within this creative exploration, I find myself in pursuit of a harmonious intersection where both representational and formal elements hold equal significance on the canvas. The practice of painting demands a substantial investment of time, and the more I immerse myself in it, the clearer it becomes that this journey is an extended one. While I paint, formal considerations seem to ebb and flow daily. Elements such as repetition, patterns, grids, surface treatments, color relationships, and spatial dynamics appear to be like pieces of an intricate puzzle. This puzzle offers multiple solutions, constantly evolving alongside my evolution as an artist. It can be a source of frustration, nurture my creativity, bring moments of agony, and ultimately yield the most rewarding experiences, often all within a single day.

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