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Catching The Light

Sarah Dean


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Catching The Light

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The viewer catches the eye of a rider atop their golden horse as the pair scouts the valley below them. The rider flashes a smile, though you can't quite see their eyes under the brim of their hat...

16"H × 2"W × 20"D
Oil on Canvas.


For me, every piece begins with the inspiration that I find in the horse. Horses are powerful, gentle, imposing, fluid, and timeless - I feel I could spend the rest of my life painting these incredible animals and never completely capture everything I love about them. Next comes the background, the world the way I see it. I can't help but paint the colors of the landscape saturated, the lighting bold, and the skies vast and lively. I want to tell a snippet of a story in each painting, to leave the viewer speculating on how we got there, and wondering what happens next.

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