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Kelly Burke


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This piece was created during my time as an artist in residence at the TEAD One Memorial Residency in Dearborn, MI from July - September, 2023. The series of works created during this time explore different aspects of the Divine Feminine. This oftentimes conjures ideas of witches and nature worship. I did some research into the history of "witchcraft" and magic - which, during the witch trials in Europe and America, were terms thrown around as a means of persecuting everyday women - many of whom were medical professionals focused on women's health, among other things. While witchcraft does have its dark history, its Pagan roots focused on nature worship, and has remained a mainstay in contemporary witchcraft. This lifestyle has had a recent resurgence in popularity due to recent rejection of traditional church culture and Abrahamic traditions. Witchcraft serves as a vessel of spirituality for young people seeking connection to nature and community. I wanted to depict smoky, hazy magic and nature in "Alchemy." It's my interpretation of the popular image of a witch's cauldron.

40"H × 40"W × 1.5"D
Gallery Wrapped
acrylic on canvas
Keep out of direct sunlight. To clean, simply wipe down with a damp rag.


My artwork explores the dissolution of material and figurative imagery, depicting the abstract essence and energy of life. I draw inspiration from my personal psychology. My mental health has given my life very difficult and also very beautiful moments. These are translated in my work through color, form as well as the physicality of paint. The repetitious layering of, taking away, and re-application of color underneath automatic scrawling, scratching and mark-making express my inner psyche – the way I think about myself and the world around me; This can be rough and harsh, and sometimes it is gentle and loving.

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