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abstract palm

Sheldon Greenberg


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abstract palm

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This work is from an ongoing series based on the relationship between nature and architectural elements.

20"H × 20"W × 2"D
oil on panel


My work has evolved over the years from realistic painting and illustration for commercial work, to a loose, richly colored painterly style combining figures, landscapes, and still life objects. The paintings are most often represented in a moment of time, “before or after”. Based on male/female, nature/man-made interaction and giving the feeling that something is about to or has just happened. As the work progressed over time, I wanted a less obvious visual representation, so began finding ways to abstract my paintings. Using taping, scrapping, painting out and over the images,and incorporating tools not associated with painting, gathered from pop culture and my photo reference. The concept of each frozen moment coming to life with form, line, shape, and color. Flat shapes versus detail and finished shapes versus the unresolved areas. Each giving context to the other.

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