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Step Table

Erika Cross


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Step Table

Step: a coffee table inspired by tools found in the workshop. Step blocks are simple mechanical devices for clamping and holding. This new Step consists of two pieces, a wedge and a cylinder. They can be arranged with either one on top. Whichever way is up, ridges on the mating surfaces allow the overall height to be adjusted. Step is made to order. Standard Lead time is 6-12 weeks Custom Colors available

11"H × 29"W × 39"D
Mixed Media
Jesmonite (acrylic fortified gypsum)


Motivated by the desire to elevate ordinary objects and familiar forms into unexpected delights, Erika investigates the relationships between object, scale, and user. Her aesthetic fuses sculptural forms with utilitarian functionality. Working at the intersection of product and process, she has a hands-on approach to design. The workshop becomes the source and site of her creative energy; both library and laboratory. Using research, intuition, experience, and experiment, Erika purposefully challenges limitations to develop innovative methods and objects.

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