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Siamese Twins

Diane Nunez


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Bright colors and movement are predominant elements of the repetitive structure, allowing light and shadow to create new patterns and colors. The work is not static; it loves the interplay with light and movement within its environment while suspended. The work can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

81.5"H × 25"W × 3"D
artist hand dyed cotton fabric, batting, thread, velcro
Dust, lightly vacuum


A sketchbook and sewing machine are used to sculpt my colorful fabric constructions. Bright colors and movement are predominant elements of the repetitive, open grid-like structures. Light and shadow are allowed in and create new patterns and colors. I believe my chosen profession of Landscape Architecture influences my work. Landscapes themselves are constantly changing and evolving, never static. The work reacts to its environment. Viewers can interact with each sculpture; slight movement causes the work to move, changing it ever so slightly. The work is rarely stagnant. By traditional definition these sculptural, fabric constructions can be labeled quilts – layers of fabric held together by stitch. The hand-dyed cotton fabric along with non-traditional quilting materials is used such as wire mesh, grommets, mylar, velcro, metal rods, metal tubing, and wire.

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