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Aqua Song

Cathy Jacobs


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Aqua Song

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Four hand-woven linen panels that are attached to four aluminum rods. They neatly hang on the wall from custom-made stainless steel hangers. The semi-transparent woven panels are like layered shimmering screens. As the viewer moves around them, colors appear, then disappear, and fixed lines seem to vibrate as the viewer’s eyes try to make sense of the fine disruptions in color. From a distance, the layered panels often look like glass. They are atmospheric, ethereal, and visually vibrating with color.

37"H × 66"W × 7"D
Wall Hangings
Handwoven linen and stainless steel
Gently wipe or shake off dust. It can be steamed, or steam ironed.


I create unique, multi-dimensional, and airy textile wall-hangings. As a long time oil painter turned textile artist, I think of myself as a painter who weaves. I traded in my oil paints and easel for colorful linen yarns and a large wooden floor loom. Although much of my work is now three-dimensional, 1950’s color field painting and 19th century impressionist painting are still huge inspirations. My larger artworks are studies in optics and color, while my smaller works are abstract designs that come about like stream-of-conscious thought. The resulting work is ethereal, delicately beautiful, and subtly emotive. In the process of making, I always think about screens and the act of seeing through many layers. Seeing the world through fog, looking through long blades of grass, or seeing the sky through the thatched branches of a forest, I find the beauty in these layers.

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