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Karen Hochman Brown


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Elementals draws upon the elemental building blocks of life: air (AER), water (AQUA), fire (IGNUS), and earth (TERRA). The mixed media works in Elementals are custom printed charmeuse, silk dupioni and include laser cut wood, acrylic and wool. Designed on computer like Hochman Brown’s previous work but presented using a combination of many techniques, tracing her history as an artist up to and including her use of a new tool, the Glowforge laser cutter. These new works are embedded with laser-etched, hand-painted QR codes that when activated by viewers, present interactive media such as the work’s source material and a video tracing its process of creation. The works in Elementals not only continue to push the boundaries of new media, but also highlight harmonious relationships between nature and humanity. *Please note: available for delivery after September 30, 2021.

59"H × 37"W
Wall Hangings
Mixed Media
mixed media, custom printed charmeuse satin, silk dupioni, wool, wood, aluminum, and acrylic paint


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