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The New Frontier

Curtis Cole


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The New Frontier

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"The New Frontier" A retro-futuristic image of a female astronaut in space. This mid-century-inspired digital illustration is based on the sci-fi movies and comics of the 1950's and 1960's . It features a beautiful female astronaut looking out at the horizon of tomorrow. *This print is also available in smaller sizes and mediums, including Giclee' prints and metal prints. *My inspiration for this series... How big do each of us really dream? Do we only shoot for what's attainable, or do we strive to go beyond the confines of our own limits? In 1969, when humankind took one giant step on the moon, why didn't we take one giant step in society? Some might argue that we did, some not, but regardless of what side of reality we saw then, isn't it time to dream a bigger dream now? "The New Frontier" aims to embody the essence of forward thinking and hope.It's my dream to think that somewhere, sometime, someone sees this image and it inspires them to pursue a better future, not just for them but for everyone, just as the retro-futurists of yesterday imagined.

20"H × 30"W × 2"D
Canvas Print
Easy to dust with a duster or a dry towel.


Art is my therapy, my joy, and my passion. For me, finding the inspiration to create is like chasing fireflies: although they may be flying all around, there’s no guarantee Im going to catch one. I guess it’s the challenge of capturing an especially unique moment that really draws me in. The other half of my motivation is people. I love people and I love seeing how my art connects with people’s emotions. I also love the way art can bring people closer together, raise the vibration of a space, and make life better. Most of my pieces begin as photographs, but where they travel from there is always a mystery. I love playing with negative space and I always ask the piece itself how it wants to be completed. The dialogue between myself and my art is sometimes so funny that I break out in full-on laughter. I love working with geometric shapes like high-voltage power lines, as well as fluid images that reveal some abstract reality or the idea of a face. Fantasy, science fiction, and a sense of humor all conspire in my brain to become my art. One of my greatest joys, is the moment when I get to share my creativity with the world.

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