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Lines Squares Circles

Jerome Patryjak


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Lines Squares Circles

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A geometric fantasy, popping in and out of space with overlapping forms, false perspectives, and a bit of tinting to push your eye around.

22.25"H × 30.25"W × .125"D
Pen and Ink
Pen and ink on paper
Carefully packaged and shipped rolled. Framing at the discretion of the collector.


I recall times spent in church respectfully before the stations of the cross, in study of the sculptural reliefs, light and shadow of the wooden forms, highlights and depth created in the figures and background, and being captivated by a depiction of space with shallow perspective and suggested distances, and while I have deviated from the spiritual to the mundane my interest is in artwork as a focus for meditation and study. Inspired by folding screens, hanging scrolls and paper, book, collage, pen and ink, my drawings are a dialogue between geometry and free abstraction. Allowing multiple perspectives, with overlapping and visual dynamics. Each has a story to be discovered. I am working in the realm of visual metaphor. There is no illustration, no reference to the world other than the things themselves. The visuals are self referential, not analogs of reality. I work with what the eye reads in pattern, converging and diverging lines and shapes, with the delight of texture and material. I have been exploring visual geometric fields for many years. I use of a wide variety of papers, paints, inks, and drawing media. The shapes grow out of the material, and are formed into iconic glyphs. Influences: prints and drawings with fine lines and textures, such as the drama, depth and darkness and light in Rembrandt etchings. Also I look to Japanese block prints and scrolls and screens with shallow space and flat colors, and the implication of deep, continual distances. I enjoy the sequential visual quilts of our modern illuminated pages: comic book art. Here the page geometry is laid out to control time, viewpoint, direction and comprehension. Another touch point, the paintings of color fields, color on color such as the art of Gustave Klimt, who sometimes hints at natural seeming visual space and then contradicts those hints with flat patterns and reflecting gold. More influences include the still, calm studies of the impossible geometry of Josef Albers prints, the contradictory, delightful visual space of Al Held paintings, the jarring, eye manipulations of Bridget Riley op art, the constructed shapes of Frank Stella. I am exploring the surfaces of materials and the significance of darkness, shallow space and suggestions of deep space, star tracks, comet trails, the patterns of waves disappearing on the shore, snowfall clouds and fields, and visual music.

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