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Elusive Edges

Kathie Bugajski


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Elusive Edges

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Roses Manipulated in Snap Seed and printed to create an image for drawing.

10"H × 8"W × 1"D
Graphite on paper. 10" x 8"


My name is Kathie Bugajski painter and sculptor since I was a child really. I was given a chance to bloom in 2005 when I took my first college art class at Macomb Community College with Professor Daniel Rosbery. He gave me the confidence to paint. Professor Todd Mitchell gave me to tools to pursue sculpture and I've been at it ever since. I love the human figure and the way we have been created. Every part of our being has a purpose and works together for that purpose. I'm intrigued with the design of our bodies that shows there has been a higher power involved in our creation. Marvelous! "Contemplation" was brought about from a woman named Rebecca. As she sat for me I watched her intently and could tell she was in another space in her mind as if she were contemplating something far from being with me. I hope you can see this in her as I endeavored to bring that forward as I sculpted her. The scope of my Artistry at this point is to build a body of work that fills and states my passions. These passions include joining the realism movement. The beauty of realism and classical old masters ignites me! To bring that beauty back to public view though traditional sculpture and painting methods in a contemporary way.

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