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Our concierge services

Embrace Creatives is a sourcing expert for interior professionals. As your designer agent, Founder Andrea Bogart and any of her art advisors will work with you seamlessly to research, procure and ship original artwork. 

  • Complimentary chat to discuss scope.
  • Extensive sourcing resources.
  • Commissions and site specific installations available.

Call us at 248-702-4902 or fill in the form.

Most artists will happily create a commission targeted to your client’s needs and EC will manage the project! We’ll be your designer agent, managing the creation and schedule delivery. To request a commission, call us as 248-702-4902 or fill in this form but before you do, read our guidelines.

In order to offer our clients the most professional and targeted commission projects we follow industry guidelines. Find them here.


When you see a special item for your client and have questions regarding modifications, shipping or delivery times you can easily request a quote. On the product page, click the Request a Quote button. Only available to EC account holders.

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Some artists will produce proofs or samples for a fee that you can use to close the sale. On the quote request form there is an area where you can ask for a sample. Fill in this area and EC will get back to you cost and timing.

We LOVE when you fall for EC artwork and although you may not need it now, you can hold onto it for future projects. Each artwork has a ❤️ HEART next to the cart icon. Click the heart and the product will be placed into Favorites inside your My Account area. You must be logged in.

Embrace Creatives offers account owners the ability to save artwork and share with your clients from inside your Favorites area. OR you can share directly from the product page. Share via Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or email.

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If your clients wish to purchase EC art you’ve shared have them follow these instructions;

  1. Create a Collector account 
  2. List your name and your company’s name in the “How did you hear about us” field.

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Yes, we do. As an interiors showroom, Andrea Bogart is building a diverse array of art and design products including outdoor sculpture, furniture, lighting and site specific installations. When you need an interior piece built, call us at 248-702-4902 or fill out this form and we’ll get started finding a professional artist who can accommodate your project. REVIEW OUR COMMISSION PROJECT GUIDELINES, FIRST.