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How To Read Your Sales Emails

When a buyer purchases your art through our online showroom the order is processed and you receive an order confirmation.

This is your first step towards shipping and payment.

Although not confusing, let’s review the email so it’s absolutely clear.

- Artwork Order Form 1

PRODUCT – You can clearly see the product that sold, Wishful Thinking. Click the link to go to the product page.

QUANTITY – How many pieces sold? In this order, one item was purchased.

COMMISSION – This area gives you the commission from the sale. As you can see in the following image, Wishful Thinking sold for $3,200 so the Artist’s commission is $1,920.


Commission Subtotal should never be different that Commission, above.

Tax Subtotal is the Sales Tax charged but remember, EC pays that so you don’t have to worry about it.

Shipping Method is currently whatever courier you want to use to ship your artwork to the buyer; UPS, USPS, DHL, or FedEx. Embrace Creatives does not allow buyer pick up or hand delivery.

Shipping Subtotal is the amount you entered into the product listing to cover shipping charges. You will receive this amount to cover your shipping fees.

If the shipping fee you pay to the courier ends up being higher or lower than this number, we do not charge the buyer more or give them a refund.

Total is the amount you will receive from Embrace Creatives after the 30 day wait period.

Billing and Shipping address is where the artwork will be sent.

If you have questions about the shipment or need to give the buyer information, contact TEAM EC as we are the go-between, helping manage sales and shipments.

- Artwork Order Form 2
Wishful Thinking = $3,200 so artist’s commission is $1,920