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How do I get paid after a sale?

When you sell a work of art, Embrace Creatives collects payment from the buyer and holds that payment until the artwork has been confirmed as delivered and the return period has elapsed. Thirty (30) days after the return period has elapsed, your 60% commission is automatically sent to either your PayPal or Stripe account.

During your artist shop creation, you will be asked to choose a payout method and connect your account. This is the account we will use to deposit funds from the sale of your art.

  • Any shipping fees paid by the buyer are included in your payment.
  • Embrace Creatives pays sales tax from each sale so you don’t have to!
  • Any gateway charges are split 50-50 between artist and Embrace Creatives.

If you choose to receive funds via Stripe you will be able to setup an account directly inside Embrace Creatives. To use Pay Pal, you may set up an account here.