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I sold artwork on EC, now what?

YOU SOLD!  Well, we’re not surprised. Now that it’s found an amazing, new home, let’s get it there easily and safely.

Embrace Creatives respects you, your creations and your buyer. We all want a seamless transaction and we trust you to package your piece to keep it protected.

In this section of our handbook we offer artwork packing guidelines to ensure safe travels. Because you sold your work through Embrace Creatives we are responsible for making sure you’re following proper packaging recommendations so we need you to fill out this form before the package is shipped out.

Most shipping damages can be avoided with planning and attention to packing. This should be goal #1 when you are shipping art. In the unfortunate event that your artwork is delivered damaged, if the cause is through any deviation from secure packaging guidelines we list on our website, it will result in a 100% refund to the buyer and the seller (you) will pay for all shipping charges.

We DO NOT want that to happen to you or our buyers so it’s really, really important that you take the time to package your art according to our guidelines and show us that you followed correct packing procedures.

If you have your own protective method, share that method with us so we can learn a thing or two.

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