Shipping Details Form

Although we are in a partnership, Embrace Creatives is ultimately responsible for your artwork reaching the buyer safely and in a timely fashion. Therefore we count on you to give us the information we need to keep the buyer informed in case there’s a shipping issue. 

Take photos while packing. Immediately after you ship your artwork, you must fill out the form below.

Your form must include;

  1. A few detailed shots of the art wrapped up for shipping.
  2. Pictures of the art packed in the box before you seal it.
  3. Pictures of the outside of the box after sealing it.
  4. Container images with strength and/or materials markings.
  5. Order number
  6. Name of your artwork that sold
  7. Courier name; UPS, DHL, USPS, etc…
  8. Tracking number
  9. Tracking URL (web address)

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