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Artwork Shipping Calculators

It is necessary that you have a realistic approximation of shipping costs for each artwork/product before you list artwork for sale on EC. Why? Because you will be asked to state a flat rate shipping cost at that time.

On any given sale you may lose or make money on the shipping, but on average, based on the amount of sales you make, you should break even. There is a perception among buyers of what an “acceptable” shipping cost is relative to the the cost of the artwork. Some experts believe that an acceptable percentage is 3-7% of the retail price (depending on medium used).

What are the retail prices of your pieces? Think about it; If your ceramic art sells for approximately $500, asking $130 for shipping will turn off your buyer.

However, collectors that are willing to invest in art understand the need to pay for quality shipping fees as long as the price is a fair one.

In terms of shipping costs, reduce your fees by packing artwork yourself following our shipping guidelines or following courier standards. Paying a retail FedEx or UPS location to package the artwork for you can add $50 or more to your shipping fees and turn off buyers.

As far as damage, a lot of claims filed for things like broken glass are usually paid by the carrier, if they were indeed at fault. Which is why we ask you to photograph your artwork and pre + post packaging to cover any damage claims.

Offering a low shipping cost will make a huge difference in your ability to sell online.

TIP: We suggest that when you calculate shipping and any extra insurance, get the average between the closest shipping location and the furthest (in the USA) for your flat rate shipping charge then compare that cost to the retail price of you artwork to determine if buyers will flinch, or not.

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