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What Collectors Want

Working with collectors, we can tell you what they value most when buying:

  1. Clear artwork images with many different angles and visual information.
  2. Precise dimensions so they  know it fits their space.
  3. Detailed “about this work” that shares the WHY it was created rather than how it’s made.
  4. Detailed information about the artist and their background.

Buyers want to talk about the ideas behind the artwork with the people they share their artwork with. They’re interested in learning about what motivates an artist’s process and what goes through an artist’s mind when busy in their studio.

They want to know about you and each art piece they revel in.

The collector wants a story they can share when they talk about the new artwork they purchased. Connecting them to your practice and your art through a well written and vulnerable artist statement and an engaging artwork description gives your buyer added, emotional layers.

Use how you write about yourself and your art business, including the content in your EC Gallery as a way to get a conversation started with a collector. 

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