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Is my contact information made public on

We protect your privacy and make sure all sales stay on our website by keeping your contact information private.

The personal information you provided via your Gallery input form (i.e. e-mail, phone number, street address, etc…) is never seen by the public.

Embrace Creatives is the go-between, managing commissions and private sales. If a buyer has a questions about an artist, they contact us and we email you for the answer, then we, EC respond to the buyer.

If an artist is approved for a large commission where they need to work directly with the commercial buyer or interior professional, EC will set up the connection but stay on as the project manager.

Posting any personal or business contact information within a product listing, your Gallery or any other area of our website where you can enter content violates your signed, Seller Terms and action will be taken to remove the listing and/or the seller from our platform, permanently, depending on the nature of the violation.

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