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A buyer contacts me directly

We know how exciting it is when a buyer wants to learn more about you and your art and it’s helpful when they can view your work in person – we get that.

If a collector or trade professional that is referred through Embrace Creatives wants to visit your studio or speak to you, privately, we’ll give you a big thumbs up! 

However, if they decide to purchase, you must put the order through your EC Store. If the piece they want isn’t listed in your Store yet, go ahead and list it then have them purchase.

If you are confused about what to do in this situation, email our team to chat about it.  We certainly do not want you to feel uncomfortable.

Embrace Creatives has the right to remove a Seller if they contact an EC referred buyer in order to sell artwork outside of our platform, if they sell their artwork to an EC referred buyer outside of our platform, or if we feel that Seller is not living up to their professional obligations and/or Seller Agreement.

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