Store images size guide

Our EC showroom runs on your brilliant images, of course! Using clear, full images of your art and design products is the best way to share in a virtual world. On this page we list the sizes and file formats.

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To make it as easy as possible to upload and edit your Store images, review the requirements for each area;

Product images: Your product images can be square, portrait or landscape but note that we showcase work in a portrait format so your non-portrait images will be cut off in the thumbnail. However, when a consumer opens the product page they will see the entire work, in full.

All image files must be in JPEG, JPG, or PNG format and no more than 8MB in size.

Please keep in mind that any image you upload into our Showroom cannot include:

  • text, unless it’s part of the artwork, itself
  • logos
  • watermarks


Profile image:

Your profile image should be a photo of your face. The image should be square and be a minimum of 1050 x 1050 pixels. If you don’t have a square image, you will be asked to crop to fit.


Cover image:

This image must be of artwork-only. It cannot be you with your art. The cover image is horizontal. Optimal size is 1200(w) x 390(h) pixels.

We suggest choosing your cover image thoughtfully since this photo will represent your business.

You may update any image at any time in your Store dashboard.

Since Embrace Creatives is a curated marketplace, our team has final creative input and may ask you to adjust or edit content in order to fit our internal specs and requirements.

In addition, our team conducts regular audits of images uploaded and those that do not follow these guidelines will be removed from your page and a new image will need to be uploaded.

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