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How to set up your Stripe Express account


Embrace Creatives uses Stripe as our payout platform for all online sales. In order to be paid you must connect your EC dashboard to Stripe Express.

If you are already using Stripe, you are not setting up a new account.

Stripe Express allows Embrace Creatives to send payments to your bank account via the EC Stripe account.

  • Embrace Creatives does NOT gain access to your bank account.
  • This Stripe Express set up has nothing to do with your official Stripe account.
  • Using Stripe Express, money flows INTO your bank account – only.

Follow the steps below to get paid.

STEP 1 I Log into your EC Vendor Dashboard

You’ll see an announcement saying you need to set up your payment method.

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STEP 2 I Find “Payment”

In the sidebar menu, you’ll see Payment under Settings. Click to open. You’ll be presented with a “Connect with stripe” button.  IGNORE  the “update settings” button.

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STEP 3 I Begin the process

At this point, you have left Embrace Creatives and are in the Stripe Express area.

Your EC account email will auto-populate but you do not need to use it.  Enter whichever email you want to use to receive emails from Stripe Express.

Click “Continue”.

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STEP 4 I Enter contact information

You’ll see the email from the page before and they will ask for your phone number. This number must be able to receive text messages.

Click “Continue”.

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STEP 5 I Verify

Enter the code received by your phone. You will automatically be taken to the next page.

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STEP 6 I Choose business entity type

Based upon your tax return, tell Stripe if you’re an individual business, company or nonprofit. Unless you’re a B or C Corp, or a 501c3, you’re an individual business.

Click “Continue”.

Stripe7 - 7

STEP 7 I Enter your personal information

Follow the Stripe Express instructions carefully.

Click “Continue”.

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STEP 8 I Enter your business information

Don’t sweat this step. It will not affect your ability to get paid.

Choose whatever industry you feel best represents your business.

Same with your website. You can enter whatever website URL you’d like.

You’re almost done! Click “Continue”.

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STEP 9 I Add bank information

Tell Stripe Express where you want your payout sent. Either a bank account or a debit card.  All banking information is stored by Stripe. Embrace Creatives does not store this information.

Click “Continue”.

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STEP 10 I You’re ready to be paid!

Once Stripe Express verifies your payout account, you will be taken back to your Embrace Creatives dashboard.

If you ever want to visit your Stripe Express Dashboard, click the grey button.

If you want to disconnect your EC Gallery from Stripe Express, click the red “Disconnect” button but doing so will remove the ability for EC to pay you after a sale.

Stripe11 - 11

This is what your Stripe Express Dashboard look like


Stripe12 - 12