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As an EC seller we’ve uploaded your account information including your header photo for you but you can easily adjust it at any time. Maybe you have a new series to showcase or a best selling item you want to stand out.

Follow the easy instructions below to replace or edit your EC Store cover image.

The cover image is horizontal. Optimal size is 625px wide and 300px tall (will be cropped to this size regardless of upload dimensions). 

*Either JPEG, JPG, or PNG format – no more than 8MB in size.

When uploading a new photo, please use a high-res image.

  • no text (unless used in the product, itself)
  • no logo
  • no watermarks

We conduct audits of images uploaded, and those that do not follow these guidelines will be removed and a new image will need to be uploaded.

Step 1 – Log into your account using your email and password.

Step 2 – Scroll down your dashboard menu until you see Settings then Store.

Step 3 – Click and there you will find your profile and banner image area.

Step 4 – Click on Upload Cover Picture

Step 5 – Your Media Library will pop open. From there you can choose an existing image or upload a new photo. If you upload a new photo the best dimensions are 625px wide and 300px high. Jpeg, jpg, or png files only. EC does not accept any image files larger than 8MB.

Step 6 – Once you Select an image you will be asked to crop it to fit. Adjust the crop boundaries until you’re happy with your layout. Click Crop Image to set.

Step 7 – You will be taken back to your account where you can view your new header.  To see it live, click on My Shop at the top of your dashboard.

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