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We’re truly sorry to see you go!

And we’d like to know the reason you’ve made this decision. When you get to STEP 4, add your “why” to the email.


STEP 1 I Delete your product listings


Go to your account dashboard, find your product list and SELECT ALL. Then choose “delete”. All of your products will be removed.

STEP 2 I Contact EC to close your account


Email it@embracecreatives with your request. And don’t forget to tell us why.

STEP 3 I Revoke your Stripe account


As soon asĀ  you alert us to the fact that you’d like to close your EC account, we will disassociate your Stripe account with Embrace Creatives.

STEP 4 I Delete your Stripe account


If you would like to close your Stripe account, follow these instructions.

This procedure has nothing to do with Embrace Creatives. If you find you need help, please reach out to Stripe.

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