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What’s the Best Way to List a Diptych or Triptych (or more) in your EC Gallery?

If you’re listing artwork that is a diptych or triptych or has multiple panels (canvases) that are not connected – take a photo of the artworks together and include the full dimensions in the upload area.

Diptych - 1

Positive/Negative, acrylic on panel. Diptych, 48″H X 49″W X 1.75″D.

Each panel is 48″H x 24.5″W x 1.75″D.

Then take photos of each separate piece and add those as “addition images”. You can add as many photos as you’d like to showcase the work.

Positive-Negative-Wall - 2

Diptych in stylized photo to show how it looks inside a commercial space.

Positive-Negative_Side - 3

Closeup of diptych to show finished side.

Use the artwork description of the listing to explain that there are multiple pieces and also include their individual dimensions and weights.

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