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What type of images should I add to my listing?

Embrace Creatives gives you the opportunity to upload more than one image per listing and we suggest you take advantage of that. The main image you’ll upload is the first image buyers see and the one used in all thumbnails around the website.

Make sure that this first image is clear and shows your artwork in its best light. If you put the work against a background, it MUST be on a white background. If your main image is photographed on a non-white background, we will ask you to replace it.

The next images are your choice but here are our suggestions;

  1. If it’s a 3-dimensional item, use a few images to show the different sides.
  2. An image that expresses how the artwork will look installed, in a home or office. We call that a “stylized” shot or “in situ”.
  3. A closeup showing special texture or materials used.
  4. If the work is framed, show the artwork in the frame.

You do not need to add more than 5 images but we suggest you add as many as you can to give the buyer as much visual information as possible.

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