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Tips for listing artwork in a real and engaging way

Let’s start with the basics. You’re trying to sell a tangible, emotional creation online and asking people to purchase without seeing it, physically. Sucks, we know so building a strong and compelling listing is VERY important.

Here’s a few quick tips; 

  • Hi resolution photos are necessary so collectors can zoom in to see any texture and all relevant and significant details. Read our page on the best way to photograph artwork.
  • Use stylized shots or situ images – Wait, what’s “situ”? Some fancy french word? Nope. “situs” is short for “situation” and situ image is short for SITUATION IMAGES… We at EC call them “stylized” shots. Stylized images show your artwork in your studio, outside, hung on a wall or sitting on the floor of a decorated room. WHY do you need stylized shots? Because collectors love them and if you want to sell your artwork, it’s important to show the buyer what your piece will look like already installed.
  • Are the sides of the canvas painted? What’s the best way to install your work? What does the frame look like? We give you more than one image, per product so use the space to show everything that the buyer might have a question about.
  • What’s your story? To sell a physical piece on a digital plane, you need to express emotion. For a lot of our collectors and interior professionals who need to sell to THEIR clients, artworks are conversation starters and they’re proud to talk about a piece of art they’ve just purchased. See our section on how to write a great description.
  • How accurate is your product information? Did you place the width and height in the correct boxes when you listed your piece? Did you enter the estimated weight after packing for shipment? Did you include every material used to create the piece?
    Inaccurate information leads to lack of trust plus returns, and we don’t want either. Imagine investing in a piece of original art worth thousands of dollars, then you get it and it’s not what you read in the description – Yikes! Not cool…

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