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Hiding Artwork From Buyers

There may be times when you want to add artwork into your account but not have it show up immediately.

Maybe you’re still working out the packing dimensions or you’re not happy with the main image and need to re-photograph it.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to list artwork but keep it from buyers until you’re ready or hide an already published artwork.

STEP 1 I Log into your EC Vendor Dashboard

Click on PRODUCTS if you want to edit an existing artwork.  Find the artwork you’d like to “hide” and click “edit”.

The artwork listing will open. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find “OTHER OPTIONS”.

Art In Draft 1 - 1

STEP 2 I Find the Product Status drop down field


Art In Draft 2 - 2

STEP 3 I Choose “HIDDEN DRAFT” from drop down menu


Then scroll to the red “Save Product” button to save your update.

Now your artwork will stay hidden from buyers until you change it back to “published” using the same method.

Art In Draft 3 - 3