How to hide artwork from my EC Store

There may be times when you want to add artwork into your account but not have it show up in your Store, immediately.

Maybe you’re still working out the shipping charges or you’re not happy with the main image and need to re-photograph it.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to list artwork but keep it from the Showroom until you’re ready or hide an already listed artwork.

Step 1 – Log into your Embrace Creatives seller account.

Step 2 – In your Store Dashboard go to All Products.

Step 3 – All of your artwork is listed here.

Step 4 – Under Status, you can see that all pieces are Published.

Step 5- To hide a product from the buyer’s view, you want to change Status to Draft.

- 1

Step 6 – Click on the crayon icon under Actions.

Step 7 – The product will open and you can make any edits you’d like. Whether you edit the item or not, click Draft at the top-right.

Step 8– The artwork will change from Published to Draft in its Status. That means that the item is no longer viewable in either your EC Store or the EC Showroom.

- 2

Step 9 – When you’re read to make the product live again, click on the crayon icon, make your changes and click Publish.