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How Do I Write a Compelling Artwork Description?

Want to increase sales and ensure that buyers will be fully satisfied with your artwork? Write connective and engaging descriptions! 

Sure we’re a visual space but you can’t allow the image to tell the entire story.  Take the potential buyer on a journey – allow them to see deeper into the reason behind your artwork.

Art descriptions can include:

  • Specific hanging mechanism if not standard wire.
  • If the painting was hand stretched.
  • Any recommended for framing or installation procedures.

Beyond specific characteristics and instructions, a well written product description helps connect the piece to a buyer.

Once you get the basic information listed you should tap into buyer emotions – curiosity, benevolence, pride, vanity, love, and/or trust.

Everything flows from emotion. What’s the deep benefit they’re seeking when buying artwork? Is it a desire to own something no one else owns? Is it to show off their good taste to their friends?  Do they want to support local artists?

WHY did you make this piece? What stirred you? What question are you answering or what brought you to the conclusion of this piece of art?

How do you write your descriptions so people FEEL something?

Here’s a few sample descriptions that uses emotions to draw people in:

  1. Whether you’ve traveled to Italy multiple times or daydream of being there, this stunning watercolor will instantly transport you to the golden rolling hills and warm summer breezes of those perfect Tuscan days, the ones destined to remain etched in your heart forever.

  2. Where is she going, naked with the door open in front of her? Pitch black darkness beckons, her compressed body leaning into the void. The wood grain follows her form melding her body directly into surface. Soft and mysterious this positive and negative diptych brings depth and curiosity to any interior.

The bottom line is, you have to romance potential buyers with more than dry size and medium/materials specifications.

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