What do I do once I’m accepted?

EXCELLENT!  We’re thrilled that you’ve been accepted into our art + design showroom. Now we need you to officially enter our Showroom.

1 Look for an email with a link to a Sellers Form, Terms to sign, and W-9 to fill in.

2 One you submit everything from Step 1, our team will build your Store for your artwork!

We’re so nice, right? Awww shucks…

Well, we’re not THAT nice. We won’t edit mistakes or fill in missing details so make sure the content is written carefully to avoid confusion or activation delays. Here are articles on how to craft a bio, CV and artist statement in case you need guidance.

If we have questions we’ll drop you a line or phone you. If there’s too much that needs editing we will ask for a re-write. 

3 I When your Store is ready we will send you an activation email with links to “how to” videos. Depending on the amount of artists we’re onboarding, you may wait up to two weeks before you receive this activation email.

4 I Log in using your email and password from your application. Once logged in you can finish your dashboard and begin listing your artwork for sale.

Watch the video below to learn “how to” log in and review your store details.

If you’ve waited more than two weeks and haven’t received an activation email, feel free to request an update.