What criteria does EC use to review artists?

We appreciate you taking the time to apply to our special showroom. We carefully review each application taking certain factors into consideration.

Our curatorial team looks for;

  • exceptional craftmanship + quality
  • strength of collections/series
  • consistency (all artwork offers the same excellence and aesthetics)
  • business acumen + professional background
  • strong website development or online presence
  • how the artwork balances out our Showroom

Embrace Creatives strives to build a robust selection of the highest quality art + design across a range of mediums and styles.

Finally, we need to be confident that we can sell your work. We look at buyer habits and industry trends, and we listen to our buyers, collectors and designers to determine potential demand for your work.

If an artist is not accepted, we encourage them to re-apply when they feel they have worked out any mismatch, as the balance of our Showroom and demand for certain products are often changing.

Currently, there is no fee to apply to sell through Embrace Creatives.

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