How to Navigate Your EC Account

EC Artists are special. Well of COURSE you are!  Beyond your amazing abilities and professionalism, you’re able to buy and sell artwork here so you actually have two levels of access;

  1. Your Store Dashboard where you maintain how/what you communicate with/to buyers, your artwork listings, and your sales and financials. This area is considered the “back end” of the website.
  2. Your EC Account where you see your purchases, edit your password or email, and store other artwork you’ve favorited. This area is considered the “front end” of the website.

To give you a clear understanding of how to use your new Embrace Creatives account, let’s give you the basics…

Oh hey, how about a video preview?

What's Your Special Art Style?

Walk through a room of your choice with EC Founder, Andrea Bogart to discover your personal art style and learn what types of artwork are best for your unique space –  FREE!

Not a sales call. No purchase necessary.