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TIP: If you’re using Safari as your browser, switch to either Chrome or Firefox before you work on your account or add/edit artwork. Sometimes Safari does not allow vendors to save edits.

Here’s the fun part, right? Getting your artwork in front of our buyers! We know that uploading products can be confusing the first time around, so we’ve done our best to make it simple for you.

Follow the step-by-step guide below and the video. Come back to this reference page at any time.

All listings must be in-stock or produced when a sale occurs, such as furniture or reproductions. No commission-only listings, such as pet portraits or murals.

Although we do not limit the amount of artwork you can add to your account, we expect you to choose current and/or best selling work. To keep a uniform and easy-to-understand buying experience for our buyers, we ask that all main images to adhere to the following rules;

Detail - 1

2D artwork must extend to the edges (no background).

No frames.

No matting.

No walls.

Pld_Blu - 2

For 3D artwork, the background must be white or a professionally photographed on a gradient background.

Do not place artwork on a highly textured surface.

Here are some background removers;




Photo Scissors

Photoshop “How To” video

Here are some image reducing platforms;

Image Resizer


Preparing to list artwork

Everything below is necessary for buyers to find your art easily in our online Gallery and in search engines like Google and Bing. To learn how to photograph artwork, read this.



*Main product image

  • jpeg, jpg or png files 
  • 4MB max file size
  • At least 1800 pixels on one side
  • no watermarks
  • white background for 3D work
  • descriptive file name: “artistname-title-size-medium

Additional Images

  • jpeg, jpg or png files 
  • 4MB max file size
  • At least 1800 pixels on one side
  • no watermarks
  • descriptive file name: “artistname-title-size-medium
Cream Geometric Painting

Review the official, Artwork Listing Requirements Handbook for more information.

How to place artwork into DRAFT or PUBLISH

All new artists are unable to auto-list artwork. Their listing must be reviewed to make sure they are correct.

For artists who have been cleared to auto-post, the second page of the listing form will show OTHER OPTIONS. Inside that section is a drop down. To auto-post choose PUBLISH ONLINE.

If you would rather keep the listing in draft mode, choose HIDDEN DRAFT.


Screen Shot 2023-10-16 At 11.57.11 Am - 3

Step-by-step listing instructions:

Step 1 - Log into your seller account.

Use your email and password to log in here.

Step 2 - Go to your Account Dashboard

You will see the screen change.  This is where you manage your account, products, and sales.

Either click on the Product Manager portion of the sidebar menu to retrieve your list of artwork product listings.

Step 3 - Retail Price + Sales Tax

Retail Price – Provide the retail price of your artwork. Numbers only.

Packing supplies are not included in your retail price. Shipping fees are calculated separately. 

When you add your retail price, you will see your 60% commission payment automatically calculate.

Sellers receive 60% of the sold, retail price plus reimbursement for shipping paid for by the buyer.  Example: a $1,000 retail sale will net you $650.

Retail Price: $1,000

Shipping: $50

Sales tax: $10 (EC pays all sales tax)

Buyer’s invoice total: $1,060.00

Your revenue (60%) + shipping: $650

Sales Tax – All tangible products sold through Embrace Creatives will include sales tax. The sales tax will be automatically calculated and included in the buyer’s cart.

Embrace Creatives pays all sales tax received through purchases made on our website and via private client sales. Isn’t that exciting! One less business item for you to handle!

Step 4 - Artwork tags

It’s important that you add keywords to explain your artwork for searches on our website and in internet search engines like Google and Bing.

Think about the words someone else would use to search for this piece of art. Type the word or phrase into this box and watch for the word to pop up. Click the word to add it to the list.

No hashtag (#) needed.

To remove the word or phrase, click the X attached to the word/phrase.

Keyword (tag) examples:

  • Abstract artwork
  • Oversized paintings
  • Floral wall art
  • Calming paintings
  • Fiber art in Texas

For detailed instructions and tips, click here.


Step 5 - Describe and tell a story

Artwork Description – Want to know the way to a buyer’s heart? Tell a story.  Andrea can only market and promote work that includes an engaging description.

Sensory adjectives are power words because they make your reader experience your artwork while reading. Pepper your description with vivid details; smooth, crisp, eye-popping, delicate, and bright. Learn how to write compelling copy – Click here.

Do not add your contact information or website address into your product description. Any seller who does so will be flagged and continued abuse will get your account permanently removed from our platform.

Step 6 - Add images

For the best representation and to please buyers, have at least two (2) images of your artwork ready, especially for 3D artwork as you’ll want to showcase all sides.

No watermarks allowed.


2D images must not show wall or a background. 3D products must be on a white background or professionally photographed gradient background.

  • Max 1800 pixels on one side.
  • 4MB file size, max.


The area below the main image box is where you can include additional images like;

  • highlighted textures
  • closeups to showcase a specific area
  • stylized shots (your artwork hung on a wall or on location)

You can upload more than one image at a time and move them into different positions. Additional images are not required but highly suggested. 

  • Max 1800 pixels on one side.
  • 4MB file size, max.

Need photography guidance? Click here.


Step 7 - Medium/Materials

List all materials including substrate (surface). If your work is made from various media don’t just type “mixed media.”

Be specific because buyers want to know what the artwork contains.

Also, if your canvas is unstretched, you must add that information here.

Step 8 - Artwork Categories

These areas are REALLY important.  Your choices here will determine how often your artwork shows up in Showroom searches.

The moment you choose your Main Art Category, a new section called Medium will open up. These mediums will be specific to the art category you chose.

Click to see a list of Categories and Subcategories.

You can choose up to three (3) COLORS that best represent your artwork.

Then move down the form to choose the best representations from othe other required fields:









Step 9 - Artwork Dimensions & Weight

In this area, enter the weight and dimensions of the artwork.   NOT the packaged weight or dimensions.

Double check all measurement entries as buyers will be using this information to make sure the artwork fits the space.

Artwork Weight – Weight is listed in pounds and ounces. You may use a decimal.

Artwork Dimensions – Height, Length and Depth in inches. For a half-an-inch, use .5 and for three-quarters-of-an-inch, use .75 


Step 10 - Inventory

Here is where you show buyers how many pieces are in inventory and ready to sell.

Original?  If this is an original piece LEAVE THIS SECTION, AS IS.

Reproduction? If you plan on selling more than one of this artwork then edit the form to read how many pieces you want to sell on EC. Example: You’ve printed 100 units but have multiple sales channels. You can enter “thirty” (30) in Embrace Creatives, keeping 70 units to be sold elsewhere.

Embrace Creatives is dedicated to artists who may recreate artwork, not mass produced products so we do not allow more than 850 units per artwork to be sold via our showroom.

Keep STOCK STATUS as “in stock” even if you are reproducing. This will allow buyers to purchase more than one.


Step 11 - Shipping Information

In this area, enter the weight and dimensions of the packaging.   NOT the artwork dimensions or weight.

The information you add to this area will be used to automatically calculate shipping for all online buyers.

Shipping Weight – Is the weight of the carton/package PLUS the weight of the artwork. Research boxes yourself and use the weight for this area. Or contact UPS and allow them to assist you.

Shipping Dimensions – Research boxes yourself and use the dimensions for this area. Or contact UPS and allow them to assist you.


Step 12 - Product care

This section allows you to share any special instructions that come with caring for or installing the artwork.

*Tip – Print out these instructions on nice paper and add them to the box when it ships out.

No contact information can be included in your shipping package.


Step 13 - Submit to finish

When you’re done entering all the product information and images, click on OTHER OPTIONS and PRODUCT STATUS, to see if the artwork listing is set at HIDDEN DRAFT or PUBLISHED.

Choose the setting you prefer then click the SAVE PRODUCT button at the bottom right of the screen.


Step 14 - Viewing your product listings

To view this all artwork in your dashboard, head back to your PRODUCTS area.

There you will find a listing of all of the art you’ve uploaded. You can delete, add and edit artwork from this section.