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Because collectors and interior professionals ask about our artists to get a feel for their background and creative process, we make sure that our platform gives them the information they need.

To make it easy, we input your Seller Form information into your account, saving you time and making sure our buyers see a robust representation.

Below is a list of everything necessary to make your EC Gallery vibrant and engaging – which sells more art. Although your account has been filled in, you can edit from your dashboard at any time.

Below, find the details included in each EC Gallery account.

What’s included:

Step 1 - Read our Seller Policy

The first step to selling your art in our showroom is reviewing our Seller Policy.

Step 2 - Seller Terms

All approved vendors will have accepted our Seller Terms and requirements when they filled out their Sellers Form.

Step 3 - Profile Image

Say “CHEESE!”  Your profile image should clearly show your face.

  • No logos
  • No text
  • No watermarks
  • 150px square (will be cropped to circle)
  • JPG file is best but we will accept JPEG or PNG as well
  • You may update this image at any time from your dashboard
Step 4 - Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the main image featured at the top of your Gallery. This image will represent your creative practice and brand aesthetic.

  • No logos
  • No text
  • No watermarks
  • One artwork image (not an exhibition shot)
  • 625px wide and 300px tall (will be cropped to this size regardless of upload dimensions). 
  • JPG file is best but we will accept JPEG or PNG as well
  • File size is no less than 1MB and no more than 8MB
  • You may update this image at any time in your dashboard

Step 5 - Your Address

We’re not going to randomly pop by with muffins, sorry. The location you enter here is your “ship from” location so our website can calculate shipping and sales tax when a buyer purchases your artwork.

This address must be accurate and updated immediately if and when you move.

  • Address
  • Address 1
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Postal Code (4 digits-only)

Your contact informatoin will not be visible to the public.

Step 6 - Phone Number

There may be times we need to chat with you so we’d like your phone number in our contact book!

Add your full phone number, country code and area code included. Example; 1 (313) 123-4567

This information will not be visible to the public.

Step 7 - Artist Statement

Bring your story to life! Sharing your story is one of THE most important things you can do to connect with potential buyers. This begins the path to the trust they want to feel before a purchase.

Fine artists call this an Artist Statement but it’s also called ones “story”, your “why”, or purpose.

Whatever you call it, write something expressive that will explain why you create, rather than just your process. If you need guidance, read our helpful post.

Step 8 - Biography

Help others walk your path. Your biography will explain “how you got here”. Use this space to continue to create a connection with the customers who want to learn more about you. If you need guidance, read our helpful post.

Do not add exhibitions/shows in your bio.

Do not add contact information into your bio. It will be removed and you will receive a warning or you will be removed from our platform.

Step 9 - Exhibitions/Shows/Commissions

Embrace Creatives allows you to showcase the exhibitions and retail + wholesale shows you’ve participated in as well as any corporate commissions you’ve received. Prepare a list format;


Solo Exhibitions
2012 – Spring – Preservation Hall, Wellfleet, Massachusetts
2019 – November – KIM McANINCH, Sacrosanct Gallery, East Hampton, Connecticut
2018 – August 2- October 6 – HEAD & HEART, Cafe Selmarie, Chicago, Illinois
2018 – June 27-August 20 – COME ONE, COME ALL!, Backstage Bar Pittsburgh, Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Group Exhibitions
2015 Art by America: A Review of 2-Dimensional Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois
2014 Small Works Exhibition at Porter Mill Gallery, Beverly, Massachusetts

Wholesale Shows
2018 Philadelphia Gift Show, Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks
Oaks, PA
2018 New Orleans Gift and Jewelry Show, New Orleans Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA
2017 Atlanta Market, AmericasMart, Atlanta, GA

Retail Shows
2018 design:retail Forum, Monterey, CA
2017 International Home + Housewares Show, McCormick Place, Chicago, Ill

Corporate Commissions
Conference room furniture, Bedrock, Detroit, MI
Engineered aluminum wall facade with display boxes and custom milled connectors, Lincoln – NAIAS 2011
Display cases, Cranbrook/Alessi, MI
Artist Desks – Red Bull House of Art, Detroit, MI

Dates are not necessary but helpful.

Step 10 - Education

Show us what you’ve learned.  Just as we want you to share your sales experience, tell your fans where you were educated. Prepare a list format;


2008 MFA in Painting/Drawing from UCLA
2008-2011 MBA: Marketing Strategy, Fox School of Business, Philadelphia PA
1987 BFA in Painting/Drawing from Otis/Parsons

Dates are not necessary.

Step 11 - Awards & Distinctions

Did you win awards?  What accomplishments can you share? Let us help you boast a bit. Prepare a list format;


2018 BEST IN SHOW, Embodying Masonic Value, The Masonic Temple, Philadelphia PA
2003 SECOND PLACE, New Rochelle Art Assoc. 88th Annual, New Rochelle NY
2000 HONORABLE MENTION, CultureWorks Self Portrait Show, Dayton OH
2000 FULL SCHOLARSHIP, Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua NY

Dates are not necessary.

Step 12 - Professional Experience

For some artists, their professional background is a part of their artistic practice or they are new to art but have an extensive professional career to share. If you’d like to include your career or teaching background, do so here.  Prepare a list format;


Art Director, Image & Design, INC, Los Angeles, CA
Professor of Art and Design at the California Polytechnic State University
Prof. Emeritus California Polytechnic State University

Dates are not necessary.

Step 13 - Are you accepting custom work?

Embrace Creatives offers consumers and interior designers the opportunity to request custom pieces. Alerting buyers and EC that you are open to these type of projects doesn’t guarantee you will receive a request, and if you do you can always decline.

You may update this area at any time.

Step 14 - Your Introduction Video

Alright, here is where you can talk to your buyers! Walk them around your studio, explain your process and show off your shining personality!

Create a 30-45 second video introduction and upload to YouTube. Set the video to “unlisted” or “public” then share the URL link on the form. We’ll add it to your Store for everyone to see. If you have a video but not a YouTube account, let us know and we will add it to ours.

For more details on how to shoot your video, click here.

You may update the video link at any time.

Step 15 - Artist Tags

TAG, you’re it! Everyone wants to be seen, right?  Well in our digital world, targeted keywords are the best way to show up in searches. Embrace Creatives gives you the space to add keywords/tags to your Shop so people using our search feature can more easily find you and your art.

Include anywhere from 5 – 8 words that best represent you and your art business. They can be one word tags like “abstract” or “painter” but don’t forget to use two-three-word tags like, “contemporary artist” or “potter in Pennsylvania”.

Think like someone searching for what you create. Use Google or Bing to search for your product. Watch the words you use then use them in your Store. For detailed information on keywords and tags, click here.

You may update this area of your Gallery at any time.

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