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Art Money And Embrace Creatives

Buy the Embrace Creatives art you love and pay over time, interest free.

Embrace Creatives is excited to be an Art Money partner, enabling you to buy artwork and pay over time, instead of upfront. We are in the process of getting this process set up on our website and expect to begin in July, 2024. Until then, we can start the process for an interest-free buy now, pay later scheme manually. Contact team@embracecreatives to get started!

How it works:

  1. Find an Embrace Creatives artwork you’re obsessed with and can’t live without.
  2. Put the artwork in your “cart”.  You can buy artwork from different artists at the same time.
  3. Easily apply online for Art Money.
  4. Approved collectors sign into their brand new Art Money account and set up their interest-free purchase. A 10% deposit is your first Art Money payment.
  5. Embrace Creatives artist(s) will ship their artwork as usual.
  6. Your following nine (9) monthly payments will be automatically processed by Art Money, interest-free!
  7. Enjoy your new Embrace Creatives artwork!

🧐 How can it be interest-free?

As a benefit to our Embrace Creatives clients, we have agreed to pay Art Money a fee based upon your purchase so you can enjoy your EC artwork paid over ten (10) months with no interest! This offer is for private collectors-only, not business entities.

Art Money is a reputable art financier with an investment from Christie’s who will offer a buy now, pay later scheme on art bought for less than $1mn.