Art Advising For Collectors

“An art advisor is a trusted guide. We educate a client, help  focus their style, enhance their current collection, match them with best quality artworks within a given budget, and sometimes, even become a friend.”

~Andrea Bogart, Founder

We know that searching the internet to find the right piece of art can be confusing, overwhelming, and you know, a real pain in the A%@. 

Founder, Andrea Bogart and her advisors are the experts, so let them search for special artwork; paintings, paper, sculpture, mixed media, photography, digital art and more!

We match homeowners, interior professionals, and private businesses with the right artwork and will manage a uniquely-you, commissioned piece. 

Why Embrace Creatives?

Our mission is to easily match you with the right art for your design needs. We have access to some of the best and most reliable artists and designers across the United States that craft within a wide range of media, styles and price points. Our expert advisors will do their best to ensure that your art advising experience, and purchasing and delivery process runs as smoothly as possible.

✓  EC Offers Confidence.

Our trusted and caring art advisors presents a high level of detail so you have a clear understanding of the curated artworks and bespoke commissions. In addition, we make sure your purchases are delivered on time and within your budget.  

✓  EC Searches Every Nook & Cranny

If our growing showroom does not have artworks to suit your project, we use our vast resources to secure pieces that fit.

✓  EC Builds Community & Strong Relationships

More than a mere art showroom, Embrace Creatives is building a professional creative community  and we work closely with our artists because we believe in a collaborative approach to business. When you use our art advisors you’re also gaining extensive and invaluable expertise from our growing art community.

Let us match you with the right art!

- Art Consultant 1

Danna Shweky

New Jersey + New York

- Art Consultant 2

Andrea Bogart

Metro Detroit HQ

- Art Consultant 3

Heather Meyer

Southwest Michigan

Unreal Reality Photography: Trail Blazer, Barcelona by EC artist, Shane Terami

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- Art Consultant 4

Andrea Bogart

- Art Consultant 5

Heather Meyer

- Art Consultant 6

Danna Shweky

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