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An Art Advisor’s 2024 Trend Forecast

February 27, 2024

We’re still early into 2024 and now that you’re thinking of beginning or adding to your art collection, I’m going to share my expert trend visions. You’ll find tried-and-true themes as well as new ideas to keep your home design fresh and on the cutting edge.


Birgit-Floral-Blog - Art Trends 2024 1

Birgit Huttemann-Holz’s sunny Wiese gelb, yellow medow, an encaustic monotype print on Japanese paper conveys vulnerability and beauty.

I like to think of artworks that merge indoor and outdoor as less of a “trend” and more of a lifestyle necessity. Our evolutionary history is deeply intertwined with the natural environment and nature-inspired artwork taps into this connection, evoking a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Integrating natural elements into home interiors is a great way to connect with nature while indoors.

In 2024, art collectors are expected to gravitate towards nature-inspired artwork, including pieces that evoke the beauty of landscapes/seascapes, florals, or art crafted from natural materials such as lichen. Organic themes are not the only way to bring nature inside, discover works in lush green tones, as they are soothing and green can be an easy color to coordinate with many design styles.

Img_0772-1-600X535 - Art Trends 2024 2


15″H × 15″W × 4″D

Slip-cast porcelain and colorful glazes.


Originals 1/1

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Dptb0021-Photo-By-Tom-Bland-600X900 - Art Trends 2024 3
Agave Study IV

45″H × 30″W

Giclee print on fine art matte paper.

Reproduction. Various sizes available.


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Img_0800-Copy-600X758 - Art Trends 2024 4


24″H × 18″W

Mixed media on canvas.

Original 1/1


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3_Final_9-29-19_003-Scaled - Art Trends 2024 5

Rose Dahlia

28″H × 24″W

Digital art print.

Reproduction. Various sizes available.


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Rey_Bold-Painting_Blog - Art Trends 2024 6

Malecón by Rey Alfonso, a multi-media painting on panel is a modern interpretation of the great seawall that stretches for miles along the coast of Havana and cities all over Latin America.

This year, interior design will be embracing a shift from minimalism towards unexpected colour combinations, a fusion of styles, and an overall more vibrant and personality-based approach to home decor. 

In tandem, art buyers are expected to gravitate towards statement pieces that inject vibrancy into their spaces. And I’m happy because that means they will be buying originals artworks instead of mass-produced prints!

Check out the big bold artworks we curated to get your heart pumping!

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Amorningcrush-1536X1536 - Art Trends 2024 7

A Morning Crush

20″H × 20″W

Printed with Pigment inks on museum quality, matte fine art paper.

Reproduction. Various sizes available.


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Img_6618 - Art Trends 2024 8

The Game 2

14″H × 11″W

Mixed Media on paper.

Original. 1/1


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Spiritscape03-1490X1536 - Art Trends 2024 9

SpiritScape 3

16″H × 16″W

Polaroid photograph enlargement inkjet printed on cold pressed watercolor paper.

Reproduction. Various sizes available.


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1E1B1B9E-6508-4575-Bb35-E14Bfb6A8D63 - Art Trends 2024 10


12″H × 12″W

Acrylic on panel.

Original 1/1


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Linnea Botanicals_Variagation_30 X 70_Lichen_5400(1) - Art Trends 2024 11

A hand-crafted organic biophilic design by Linnea Bast that helps bring calm into your home. No watering necessary.

As sustainability becomes a key interior design consideration, this ethos extends to art buying. Increasingly, collectors are embracing a more sustainable and socially responsible mindset. We showcase artists that produce in sustainable materials and those that work to heal the planet. Read about biophilic art and the benefits it brings.

If you’re into ecology, purchase artwork from artist who are doing their part to save the planet such as Barbara Boissevain or Leslie Sobel, both environmental artists.

Plus, with scams and an over abundance of untrained artists online, transparency is becoming even more important. Collectors want to know the backstory of the artwork and get glimpses into their creative process to validate authenticity. Embrace Creatives offers every buyer the ability learn more about each EC artist and the work they produce inside each artist gallery.

Aerial-Abstraction-12-X-12-Trimmed - Art Trends 2024 12

Aerial Abstraction

12″H × 12″W

Encaustic on panel.

Original 1/1


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Barbara_Boissevain_Salt-Pond-Grid-Vii-Underwater_2023_30-X-30Inches-600X600 - Art Trends 2024 13

Salt Pond Grid VII (Macro & Underwater)

30″H × 30″W

Dye Sublimation Print on Aluminum.

Reproduction. Various sizes available.


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Leslie Sobel

My current mixed media practice is a poetic response to the intersection of flooding/ pollution and climate change in two watersheds — Lake Erie (near me) and the Mississippi Watershed into the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone. The interconnectedness of our actions and our environment is at the core of my work, which both incorporates scientific data related to the watersheds and is an outpouring of my grief for damaged places. I am interested in the dynamic balance of (and sometimes even the tension between) scientific visioning and emotional processing

Barbara Boissevain

Salt Ponds have existed in the San Francisco Bay since the 1800s and are characterized by environmentalists as having taken away the lungs of the Bay. Over the last twelve years, I have deepened my exploration of this constantly evolving subject by adjusting my perspective and photographing from the air, the ground and beneath the water with a macro lens. These images are a visual representation of the ongoing efforts to restore wetlands and bring back the natural biodiversity of the Bay. My ultimate goal in the creation of this work is to raise awareness about the miraculous power of nature to regenerate and renew, as well as the crucial need to preserve our natural spaces.

Detroit_Pendant_Series_A - Art Trends 2024 14

Detroit Pendant Series

For more information, contact

Voldt reimagines tools and objects around us, crafting designs to be as unique as the person using them. With the belief that unique and sustainable designs should be accessible to everyone, the studio uses a multidisciplinary approach merging design, coding, and digital fabrication methods such as 3D printing to craft novel processes and one-of-a-kind design outcomes.

Committed to sustainability, we use plant-based polymers derived from sugarcane. Our work is suitable for residential use commercial grade applications.

View Voldt Labs Gallery


Shattered In Room - Art Trends 2024 15

Shattered, screen printed cotton fabric, cut, assembled and quilted by Diane Nûnéz.

Shattereddetail - Art Trends 2024 16

Close up of Shattered to show the textures and detail.

Fiber art serves as a direct response to the rise of digital, AI generated artworks. The 3D process using yarns, threads and fibers adds depth and dimension to a room.

Artworks with texture will trend in 2024 (and beyond) as they easily communicate the human touch and originality.

Textural artworks offers a multisensory experience, inviting touch (don’t touch!) and the techniques used in weaving, hand stitching, crochet, etc, invites viewers to understand how the piece was made.

Lines1-Scaled - Art Trends 2024 17

Lines #1

40″H × 40″W

Cotton fabric, batting, thread.

Original 1/1


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Kelly-Darke_Home_8X8X1_2023 - Art Trends 2024 18


8″H × 8″W

Cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fabric on linen/cotton blend.

Original 1/1


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Sarahcblanchette_Youlooklikeyoulostweight.ladieslovehearingthat-600X840 - Art Trends 2024 19
You look like you lost weight! Ladies love hearing that.

51″H × 28.5″W

Digital image printed on crushed velour, thread, felt – handsewn.

Original 1/1


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Bn-Towels - Art Trends 2024 20

B & N Hand Towels

(Set of 2)

12″H × 23″W

100% woven cotton bouclé.

Original 1/1


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Dive into our newest artworks and rejuvenate your living space as we move through the new year.

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