Adding your profile image on Embrace Creatives

Your profile image can be your face or your business logo. If you’re an Artist it’s always better to use your face as your profile image. A Business can us their logo.

To add your profile image;

  • Log in
  • Click on your avatar located at the upper right of our website
  • Scroll down to Profile –> Change Profile Photo
  • You will land on the UPLOAD tab.
    • Click the “Select Your File” button or drag a photo into the box.
    • Size your image
    • Click “CROP” and your image will be saved as your Profile photo
  • If you’d like to use your computer camera, click on the TAKE PHOTO tab to the right.
    • You will asked permission to use your computer’s camera
    • Give permission
    • At the bottom you will see text, “Camera loaded. Click on the “Capture” button to take your photo.”
    • Your live image will show up on the screen.
    • Click “CAPTURE” button and your image will be taken and show up in the thumbnail.
    • Click “SAVE” to save the photo
    • To take a different photo, click the “CAPTURE” button until you get the image you like.
    • Click “SAVE” to save the photo

You can change your image but make sure to keep your image the same as the ones you use on your social media and website.

Set up your Profile