A Simple Tool to Help You Reach Your Goals and Stay Organized All Year Long

It’s one thing to dream (and people who are creative do dream), it’s another thing to move your dreams along to fruition – THAT can be much more difficult. We all have grand goals, dream, visions for our creative business but organizing to reach those goals takes guidance and tools.

I gathered proven techniques then crafted a downloadable document to help you clarify and reach your goals.

A few tips before you begin;

  1. Choose one to three goals, tops.
  2. If the goal end date is more than 3 months out, make sure you set monthly or weekly tasks.
  3. Hire an expert or enlist supporters to keep you accountable. I will be more difficult to do them alone.
  4. If you get stuck, take a good hard look as to WHY you’re struggling. Be realistic and if you need to, put it aside or modify your vision.
  5. CELEBRATE the small steps and especially when you REACH your goal!

For personal and targeted guidance, I have a few coaching slots available for artists and creative business owners. Contact me for details; team@embracecreatives.com

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What are your biggest business challenges?

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This article was written by Andrea Bogart, professional artist, lead art consultant and the founder of Embrace Creatives, matching you with original art to love.


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