5 Creative Ways to Fill That Big Empty Wall

Inspired ideas to help make your home or office warmer and more inviting.

Embrace Creatives is an art showroom and as such we KNOW that blank areas, or as we artists call it, “negative space” is welcoming at times. However, too much negative space by the way of empty walls will make your room feel bland, blah and “yawn”, lacking.

As a fine art matchmaker we always think of artwork but there are other creative ways to fill that big empty wall! Try shelves, decorative hooks at various spots, a large creative piece or structure, of course a gallery wall, or mural. For greater detail and where to buy, continue reading.


Also known as “art ledges” (we like that), sleek shelves are easy to install and create height and interest. Fill the shelves minimally but use color so the eye travels up and away from the middle of the room.


And because you need items to place on your new floating shelves, here’s our choice of smaller art pieces from our EC Showroom!

- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 4
In the Garden I 32″H X 21″W I Mixed Media Shadow Box by Melissa Porter
Guardians in Blue I 24″H X 7″W X 6.5″D I aluminum, wood, pigmented epoxy by Dan Woodard
- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 5
Perched Black Bird I 20″H X 25″W X 8″D I metal and ceramics by Fusion of Iron and Earth


Hooks aren’t for every room style but they’re a fun way to add depth and spice up a blank wall. You can use a strip with hooks for a more linear, geometric feel or single hooks spaced around the wall to cover a large area and keep your negative space intact.

- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 6
Photo credit: meredith lynn designs



An oversized, handmade work of art in any medium kicks up the WOW factor of any blank wall! And your room doesn’t have to be large to house a painting, fiber piece or wall sculpture- fill the space, top-to-bottom to command attention and boost your style.

Think outside the painting box – there’s brilliant wall sculptures and textile artwork handcrafted by local artists, too!

EC TIP: If the room needing artwork is on the smaller size, buy big! Filling a small space with furniture and larger artwork actually makes the room seem BIGGER!

- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 7
Photo credit: EC Artist, Jessica DeMuro

Of COURSE we have oversized and large artwork available in our Showroom but I’ve listed a few of my favorites;

- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 8
Big Squiggle Red I 72.4″H X 36.5″W X .75″D I MDF, Enamel, Walnut by Erika Cross
- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 9
Deposizione I 60″H X 48″W X 1.5″D I oil on linen by Christopher Rico
- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 10
Periwinkel Glow I 62″H X 18″W X 7″D I Handwoven linen, aluminum, and stainless steel by Cathy Jacobs

Do you match with artwork on this page? 

- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 11
Renaissance Fabric Study #2 I 102″H X 98″W X 6″D I Archival pigment prints on laser cut ¾” maple plywood by Ray Beldner
- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 12
Spring Grandeur I 60″H X 40″W X 1.5″D I Mixed Media Collage & Acrylic on Canvas by Shadia Derbyshire


Display a collection of art or special-to-you photographs. I suggest simple, cohesive frames for a clean look. Going bold? Try different ornate or colorful frames but watch for conflicting colors or themes.

EC TIP: Displaying the photographs or artwork close to the ceiling will create an illusion of a larger space.

Match with miniature to small photographs to create your very own gallery wall. Below are a few of my suggestions;

- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 14
Cherry Blossom Spring I 11″H X 17″W I Color Infrared inkjet printed on fine art photo paper by Tony Zaza
- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 15
Lakeview Theater Lights I 10″H X 10″W X .25″D I Archival Pigment Print, Photography by Jessica DeMuro
- Ideas To Fill Big Empty Wall Space 16
Easter Sunday I 11″H X 14″W I Photography on archival paper by Asia Hamilton


Live out your exotic location fantasy or relive another time using murals. You can hire a mural artist (let us find one for you) or use a wall covering. 

Andrea’s tip: You don’t have to paint directly on your walls, the artist can paint on boards then install for easy removal.

Photo credit: Decoist

How do you plan to fill your blank walls?

Comment below.

This article was written by Andrea Bogart, founder and lead art advisor of Embrace Creatives.

To see the highly talented artists featured on Embrace Creatives, visit our artist listing. For help finding the right artwork for your home or office, reach out to Andrea here. Interior professionals can easily request white glove art consulting or custom pieces.


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