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2024 Art & Design Trend Predictions

January 09, 2024

New year, new trends. Get ahead of the curve with the art trends that will be all the rage in 2024. Click on the artwork you ❤️ for an easy and secure purchase.


The design trend that began a few years ago—where less is more—continues as a dominant force in 2024. Today, this minimalistic vibe, where less clutter translates to less stress, is combined with a nod toward sociability. Some design publications call this “minimaluxe.”.

Winter Photograph
Abstract Blue And Creme Painting In Michigan
Original Botanical Drawing
Black And White Paper Collage Artwork
Coastal Paper Print
Original Painting Hawaii Seascape

Earthy Hues

With the move away from bright whites and all things gray, natural materials in moody, earthy palettes seem to dominate the trends list for this year. Homeowners and designers are using earthy hues, such as creams, burgundy, rusts, and greens to create warmth in their spaces.

Handpainted Acrylic Abstract Landscape Chinatown
Handcrafted American Sculpture In A Natural Style
Ecology Inspired Painting On Paper
Brown Hues Geometric Architectural Painting
Abstract Original Acrylic In Greens
Surrealistic Portraits In Browns With Apple

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Modernist Landscapes

Taking a cue from landscape architects and your local garden shop, a popular artwork trend for 2024 will be luxurious monochromatic green-on-green as well as vibrant, impressionist-inspired landscapes. We’ve gathered up a few idea below from paintings to photography. Click to learn more and easily purchase.

Abstract Painting Landscape Yellows And Reds
Landscape Photograhy Purples And Browns
Landscape Photograhy Yellows And Greys
Handpainted Original Landscape Blues
Original Abstract Landscape Browns And Blues
Original Abstract Landscape Painting Black Purple And White

Gold Accents

Homeowners and designers agree that metallics will be big in 2024. Though interiors won’t be going full glam, look to add sparkle through textiles, decorative fixtures, plumbing, artworks and lighting. There will be many opportunities to add a twinkle to your decor, even in unexpected places.

Original Acrylic Gold Painting
Gold Wire Hand Crafted Bowl
Acrylic And Gold Paint On Paper Abstract
Hand Crafted Contemporary Sculpture With Wood, Metal And Gold
Original Seascape Painting With Gold Leaf
Original Cast Porcelain Cat With Gold Accents

Textured Wall Hangings

Textured works add depth and dimension to traditional paintings and mixed media artwork. Textural artwork engages he viewer in a multisensory experience, beckoning them to understand the work that went into making it.

Hand Dyed Fiber Wall Hanging Bright Colors Michigan
Original Wood Wall Sculpture White California
Geometric Wood Handpainted Wall Sculpture Contemporary
Biophilic Design Lichen Artwork Wall Sculpture
Textile And Yarn Tiny Wall Sculpture
Hand Woven Billboard Material Into Contemporary Wall Sculpture
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