A Mixed Media Artist from metro Detroit is Making the Most of Her Time Since Contracting COVID-19 and Being Quarantined.

We have such an incredibly talented, kind and soulful community on Embrace Creatives. We’re proud to showcase how so many of them are fairing during this challenging time. Embrace Creatives is checking in with our global members to find out how they’re spending their @ home time, creating and doing business.

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Let’s meet Diane Marie Kramer

EC: Give us a brief introduction.
Diane: Top of the day to you! My name is Diane Marie Kramer and I a maker of many mediums. let’s say I am a Studio artist – A mixed media artist working in Sculpture, painting, and photography and digital college. Whew…that still is a mouth full! lol. I am located 20 minutes north of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

EC: Where in your home do you spend the most time?
Diane: Like a fleck of floating dust_ I too travel to all places in our log house. From Studio loft, Kitchen tables, front porch, and of recent -the bedroom and or Red couch- due to having the virus of late.

EC: What’s the biggest challenge you face being self-quarantined?
Diane: Well, I had been not being able to see my two dogs or husband…I had to stay in lower level for nearly 10 days. No contact whatsoever. I miss my mother very much- and basically feeling physically unwell. I did my first doodle yesterday! It’s a start I hope!

EC: What’s the best part about being self-quarantined?
Diane: Being able to live 24/7 in my pajamas. Not feeling quilty for watching films a bit more then usual! I am actually live a reclusive life..for most part and so really muc of this is not new to me. I am never bored and so even if I can not _ at present_ do much physically- I can still dream and do small sketches.

EC: Has your artwork or process changed or adapted?
Diane: Well, in some ways yes_ because I am still weak physically. So- it is artwork is limited and usually in sketchbook or in my mind. Even typing this is a bit of an effort. I always adapt….so I am sure once i am feeling better I will do whatever I can wherever I can -in this place called, “Home”.

EC: How have your social media posts changed?
Diane: It always changes. I did start a private group on FB called, “Express not Stress – covid 19 journals”. i try to pop in when i can …all depends really on how i am feeling. I also have tried to include some good reputable links with helpful information concerning the Covid 19 virus.

EC: What’s your favorite online source for studio (art) tools and materials?
Diane: well… just as I read this question “Blick Art materials”… dinged me on the computer… so I shall take this as a sign! ok- BLick Art materials it is! Grin.

EC: How are you spending your free time?
Diane: Been reviewing the book I wrote and Illustrated “Magic on Robins’ Hill” by Diane Marie Kramer and hoping to write and illustrate its sequel….Read, “Pop the Plug” by Michael Kent. I am going to try to open up my notebook on a story I have been meaning to write for many years about my grandma Barica. I see it more as a film really…but it is a tough one to get going.

I am reading a lot about this virus from the CDC and also John Hopkins but must curb time spent reading on it as it is very overwhelming. I can not be in same room with my lovely two dogs, CeZanne Blue and Freyja…and it is nice to have my Husband, Micha home ..tho he is working but i see him come up for a cuppa now and then from lower level of house.

I spend far too much time on  Acorn T.V. Netflix and Amazon Prime. ..but honestly… it is what is working for me best while i try to heal up. I still spend great amount of time ‘pondering’ and ‘creating in my mind’. I  can only talk on phone once per day…as talking is still rather difficult..and the call usually is to my wonderful mom, Danica. I also have been watching some fun videos on vimeo. one of them being “How to draw a bunny”  about the life and art of Ray Johnson.

EC: Are you doing something new doing during this challenging time that you will stick with?
Diane: Trying to heal. This is my number one goal. Lots of mental exercises! grin. New routine_ perhaps making my bed every day!

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  1. Diane Marie Kramer

    Thanks Again for this opportunity to share. Since this was written….month or more ago i am getting better but there are still waves of health issues. The virus issue is still greatly unknown….and testing is not always accurate…but i am better. thank you on some levels. I hope to have more energy to work on art with a more regular pattern. Thanks Again EC!